Paul is a native New Yorker, living there with his wife and two boys. One of them just started driving, but that deserves a paragraph of its own at some point. He grew up in New York City, and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. Continuing after his father, a professional photographer as well, Paul has taken his craft to new levels. Always remembering where he came from makes him down to earth, collaborative and easy to work with, no matter who the client or subject. He has photographed everyone from Politicians to Professional Athletes to the Homeless on the street, always keeping their stories, and humanity at the forefront of the imagery.

Paul calls his Midtown West studio his home, when he is not off on location somewhere, his wife may disagree though! With a staff of producers and a full in-house Digital and CGI department, every day is productive and exciting – the camaraderie is apparent, having lunch together every day is the norm. Everyone is about creating great work – and together we make it all possible.