Raised in Las Vegas, Educated at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. C.J. Burton has centered his career around creating work that stands out from the ordinary. The photographer/photo illustrator has been channeling his talents and his engaging, cinematic style into a unique successful style since 2001.

Though a photographer, Burton pulls much of his inspiration from the world of film and filmmaking. He sites Stanley Kubrick’s films, old science fiction movies and “Blade Runner” as some of his favorites. It was the appeal of motion pictures that led him to his signature style, which incorporates constructed environments and clear references to visual storytelling. “The narrative is profoundly important in my images” he says. I try to build in a back-story to the characters and environments that I am shooting.”

Indeed his images boast a unique imprint. “ Once you are recognized by your work, that’s when you know you are having an impact.” He has the creative ability of an Art Director with the technical skills of a photographer… He’s a Swiss Army knife in the photography world.