COVID-19 - What can we offer NOW.
During these uncertain times, we wanted to reach out and let you know we are still producing great work and although separated from you physically, collaborations are ongoing! Our photographers, directors and CGI studios are all healthy, safe and working remotely for the foreseeable future. We are currently producing some very cool CG imagery for some of you and have safe options for shooting original photography with live talent and micro crews. We have numerous resources in place today allowing you real options for producing backlogged campaigns. We have you covered. Our crews produce jobs based on their current regional restrictions which go well beyond the USA borders. Our teams are virtually capable using remote video villages and live streaming for agency and clients. Our studios are capable NOW of helping you deliver the assets your clients are in need of. Call us and speak with Tim or Bethany about the unlimited options we can offer. Stay Safe!

Current capabilities:

Andric is based in Toronto and has his own private studio that is fully equipped including all post-production and CGI capabilities. Andric's better half, Genevieve Caron, is not only an awesome Lifestyle photographer in her own right, she is also a past photo assistant and has impeccable styling taste. Between their production experience, resources and stock archives, these two are well prepared and fully capable of creating images that range from Lifestyle to Still-Life.

When possible, a small crew is available and can be utilized depending on the current government safety guidelines and scope of the project. Canada is likely to open up for business earlier than the USA so start planning your next project now.
CJ Burton is an LA based photographer, with full post-production and CGI capabilities. CJ's resourcefulness and ability to improvise with stock imagery, CGI and even using himself as a model, has put him at the forefront of creating from home. He is fully equipped to shoot and create a wide range of assets with very few crew and under California's strict guidance. An ultimate problem solver who hasn't skipped a beat.

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Geneviève is based in Toronto and shares a fully equipped private studio with her husband, Andric. In addition to her exquisite photography, sophisticated wardrobe and props styling, Genevieve does all of her own post-production. Her quarantine partner, Andric, is always on hand to act as first assistant, digital tech and chief pot washer. Between their production experience, on hand resources and stock archives, these two are well prepared and beyond capable of creating images that range from Lifestyle to Still-Life. Full film production is expected to start up again in Canada so let your ideas flow.LSD 3D
LSD 3D is known for their personalized and heartfelt creative services. LSD's studio is a "one-stop-shop" offering photography, retouching, CGI, 3D animation, live action and video post-production - all under one roof. Marco and Paolo's humble operation puts them in a unique position for continuing to create within the current world climate and restrictions. For years they have been shooting remotely from their Milan studio offering live video streaming while Art Directors collaborate simultaneously from their laptops. This experience combined with their production capabilities and extensive resources has enabled them to continue producing projects of every scope. LSD hasn't slowed down for a day which is hard to imagine in Northern Italy. They continue to deliver their one of a kind, heartfelt assets they're so well known for.

Please see the link below for a detailed guide on their skills and solutions for creating assets remotely:

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As a full service CGI and digital imaging studio, Luminous remains open for business and is capable of delivering any imagined still or animated asset. They specialize in creating complex, high-res backplates into which they integrate CGI, photography and matte painting. Environments range from realistic to fantastical - the sky is the limit.

Luminous is also highly experienced in (re-)creating talent from stock photography, partial CGI, and retouching for a completely realistic result. They are well ahead of the curve in creating talent for campaigns that do not have the option of original photography. That being said, the Netherlands is open for film production now and have strict Covid procedures in place.

Please see the link below for a more detailed presentation of their proven process in creating talent without shooting.

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Paul Aresu is based in NYC with his own private 1200 sq ft studio where he works closely with retoucher Mike Moskowitz. Their studio is fully operational and equipped with lighting, cameras, grip and post-production. All future work will proceed and comply with the current state and federal restrictions. The studio is virtually capable enabling Paul and his crew to collaborate directly with agencies and clients through live video streaming. Creatives can easily monitor shoots from their laptop or iPad. Mike works simultaneously alongside Paul (@ 6 feet) compositing and retouching. Their collaboration allows for a smooth workflow and pre-visualization before the end of the day. Paul's massive library of stock imagery opens the door to a wide selection of interior and exterior locations in the highest-res possible. Talent shot in studio under extremely controlled conditions can be seamlessly integrated from the safety of Paul's studio. CGI is also available for all projects.

Once location and full studio productions resume, we’re anticipating the need for smaller crew sizes across the board. To keep everyone safe, major shifts in production protocol will be inevitable. We have developed a cost-effective system for your clients and key production staff to be on set with our crew without you having to be physically present. We are up for the challenge of helping you and your clients navigate through this new way of working.
Robert Wilson's gift to photography is People and Portraits. He collaborates with his wife Sarah on props and wardrobe styling and does all his own retouching and video editing. While a full studio shoot is not feasible yet, some of our favorite work from Robert was shot at home using his family members. The thumbnails above showcase some of his "homework". In addition to home shoots, Robert has an extensive library of Lifestyle images available for licensing. SIMON DANAHER CGI
Simon Danaher has been working remotely as a CGI artist for over 20 years. His images have always been created from his home office so nothing has changed with his workflow. Simon is delivering the same beautifully mastered imagery he is known for.